May 20, 2009

silent in the dark

for a time
as his wings

angels surround
the chosen one
healing light
covers the landscape
floods his heart

in the wonder of grace
he does not roam far
from the perfection
of his divine truth

stifled in the walk
for but a moment in time.


silent in the dark

he breathes in the love of God
he reflects on the mirror of Love
he revels in the crucible of One

and he smiles
at the hope in his heart
as he remembers

the Holy Dance
that shall never end...

after just a moment's rest
(after an eternity's pain)
carried away
(on angels' wings)

after but a moment

joy returns
hope presides
love congeals
life flows on...

as he returns
to the perfect truth
of the pervasiveness
of One Eternal Love


Type: Poetry

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