Fate's Destiny

May 19, 2009

He told me what he knew about destiny…

We are all disciples of fate. We attempt to alter its course by our groans, by our wishes, by our wants, but all those attempts are in vain. Fate is a wonderful and caring mother, but only when embraced. Those who attempt to live as children of self, as followers of their flawed perceptions, are inevitably rewarded with heartache and pain.

Respect your father and mother, for in so doing, you will gain their respect. Likewise, if you respect and accept mother destiny and father time, you shall live in harmony in the house that is this existence, this awareness you and I and all others have chosen to share.

You may not realize it yet, but you chose this path you are on before you were born. The lessons you are to learn were selected by you, told to a loving mother, and set in to the ribbons of the universal energy before you were even a thought in this world. Stepping off the path is surely allowed - it’s your dream - but the rules of existence, the perils of living outside fate’s holy blessings are always returned.

To know peace, accept your place in existence; to dwell in contentment, live by the tenets of fate. Be you a disciple of fate.

I smiled as I opened my eyes, took a deep breath.

Type: Poetry

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