May 17, 2009

just fucking
kill me
all that i ever was
is forever lost
in the layers of slate
left lying here

a moment
a killing time
from outside
the restful oblivion
congealing in loss
conspiring in platitudes

the last holy war
battles within
man versus child
versus elevated saint
tired apocalyptic measures
from an overdone melody

the song is just a song
it soothes a wilting heart
and constricts the last breath
as the scream won't come forth

just fucking
kill me
let me die alone here
in my quiet sounds
all i was
is gone

there is no breath
the mysteries are slaughtered
the scream is trapped forever
in a haunted house
that is my soul

the final measures
of an already forgotten symphony
will never be heard
one final aching attempt
for one final aching breath
has failed

it is done

Type: Poetry

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