Ancient Flames

May 17, 2009

Dazzling glorious song
Angel of the morning
Shimmering light of life
Touch my utter soul

In the crucible of life
Boiled, cooked, and stewed
Minions tend the fire
Tend to our desire

Gentle, subtle breeze
Whispers through the dark
Thrusting as you gaze
Past Primordial’s Haze

Quenched appetites
Drenched lovers
Filled in light
Overwhelming sight

Fires borne of lust
Nothing but this moment
Separate these twins
Candles burn again

Begging me to stop
Needing you to rise
Needful fears expand
One, another, whole

Resist the prudent need
To scream our primal song
The levee’s overflowing
Thrust and pull and groan

Angel’s inviting song
Just beyond the gaze
Released in all its power
The merging of true flames

Sordid harmonious RELEASE
Screams of heavenly PRAISE
Alive in a dawning moment
Lost in the perfect haze...

Type: Poetry

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