Bedtime Story

May 15, 2009

floating gently
down the river of their dreams
in a boat, a row boat
the oars are in
the stream is slow and gentle
and the boat seems to find the center
the boat and the stream are one
the children share a smile
feel the subtle ripples
close their eyes
the sun is warm
just overhead
he reaches out and takes her hand
she is comforted in the flow
warmed in the pleasant light
at peace in the connection
two hands
two hearts
two minds
he opens his eyes
she watches the trees just beyond the shore
through his eyes
through his heart
through his thoughts
she feels the warmth of his hand
the gentle rippling flow
the warm sun
setting now
hours become minutes
time has no meaning
in the beauty
in the wonder
in the calm place
deep within
two hearts
she opens her eyes
he closes his
he sees the rocks on the shore
small, pebbles
some of them are shaped like hearts
one is in their hand
one stone
one heart
one moment
one light
one god
smiling at his children
as they drift
down the wondrous stream
where dreams live
now and forever
and forever...

Type: Poetry

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