Urban Lullaby

May 14, 2009

Down the dark alley
A brown and black dog
Scrounges for his dinner
I watch, I listen, I remember

Up on the stoop
The man with the red hair
Going gray
Spits his tobacco
He doesn’t say a word
Just watches me pass
As I watch him spit
He’s from Alabama
Or maybe Georgia
Far from these city streets
I watch, I listen, I remember

Ford LTD
Passes on my left
As I continue my morning walk
Six eyes look at me from behind the not quite black windows
They seem sad
But, they are together
Families are like that
All the eyes the same color
The same shades
I watch, I listen, I remember

In the apartment above
Maybe on the third floor
(Does it really matter?)
The sound of reggae emanates
Something about tears
Something about being lost
Something about a man with red hair
Going grey
And a brown and black dog
Chasing a brown and black cat
Down a dark alley
I stop for a moment
Think about dancing
Decide against it
I watch, I listen, I remember

The LTD is back
I imagine it drove around the block
The windows are still dark
But they're rolled down
There's a reggae sound blasting
Two revolvers
And a nine millimeter
I guess they found me
I watch, I listen, I rememb...

Type: Poetry

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