May 9, 2009

If I were to close my eyes
If I were to breathe in the timeless essence
If I were to take a moment to touch you
As no one has ever touched you
Since before time began

If I were to close my eyes
And dream the dream of the mystics
The dream that we would be joined
In the majesty of two wanting hearts

If I were to dare to ask
For all that my heart has ever known
Before my heart was formed
Before it beat its first beat
When we were but the simplest form
Simpler than elemental matter
Something akin to pure white light

If I were to dare to ask
To merge with you again
As we have merged in forgotten consciousnesses
As we have been since before the simplest thought

If I were to dare to ask
If I were to dare to spin a new dream
Would you dare to dream with me?

Do you feel my hands on your soft breasts?
Do you feel my gaze in your purest soul?
Can you deny that your heart beats each beat for me?
Can you deny that you have always been mine?

If you were to close your eyes
If you were to dare ask me to approach
If you were to choose to tear down every wall
If you were to open you heart, mind, essence, soul
To me
And only to me
Can you possibly deny
That the whole of your existence
Would be pervaded, invaded, surrounded in me?

If we were to take just a few moments
And still the thoughts that separate
And dwell only in the fiery thoughts of love
If we were to merge in those thoughts
Can we possibly deny
That we will reach the highest passions
That we will dwell in the glory of perfection
That we will exist only in the wonder of our love?

Will not our destiny be fulfilled?
Will we not indeed remain in pure ecstasy?
Will we not melt in the flames of passion’s fire?
Will not all the world be forever changed?

What say you?
What say you?

Breathe with me, my love.
Let me now and eternally own you,
As I now and eternally offer myself to you.

Will you dare to take a breath?
Will you dare to let me take you?

Close your eyes.
Let me approach.
Let me fill you with all that I am.
Let us be again joined
For now and for all time.

Type: Poetry

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