May 2, 2009

He always wondered
From whence the quest, the need, the constant longing
The want of MORE

Even as a child
More fun, more sweets, more attention
He wanted, needed, HAD TO HAVE

The mystical longing
For the power and light
For the light and power
Seeking always more

The driving and constant rains
The stream of heavy drops
Of the passion invading his life
Was never enough

To dive in
Deeply and utterly
Into the abysmal darkness
Would that be enough?

Or would he still desire
Would he still feel the crazed and fiery
Deep and mysterious
Lust for more?

He stood at the precipice
Ready to dive into the fire
The bottom lost in the thick smoke
Prayed to an unknown presence

Memories flooded

Insanely following
The folly of the belief
That his need could be satiated
By mortal offerings

The choice made
He took a step
Into eternity
Satisfied at last

Type: Poetry

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