April 25, 2009

Just a short glance
And I am enthralled
In your bright beauty
In your shining innocence

You are the perfection
The feminine creation
And I am lost
In the space that separates us

Only my imaginings
Reveal to me the mysteries
Of the still hidden beauty
That is your sought after form

In my highest dreams
I approach you
Exchange a few well chosen phrases
And your smile is enhanced

I steal one glance
And then another
And another
I wonder if you notice

I feel the heat
As it rises
From the fire
Ignited in our secret wishes

Do you share the feelings?
Do you dream of my approach?
Do you realize…
This subtle smile is for you?

How many glances…
Do I dare steal…
As the excitement grows…
In every part of me?

Come love, share my bench
Come and say “hello”
Or merely show to me
An inviting smile

As you stand
And walk away
I can’t help but wonder
What might have been

The beauty of you
Your divine form
And the abandoned possibilities
Will remain

And all that is left
Is the fading memory
Of a moment
Of unfulfilled love

Type: Poetry

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