An Angel Called Bliss

April 11, 2009

The angel came and sat next to me
on the swiveling desk chair in my
office. We sat in silence for a few
moments, watching the leaves, the
young light green spring leaves,
blowing in a spring breeze. I felt
at once at ease in her perfect
presence. Her name was Bliss
and that is precisely what I felt
as we watched the blowing trees
through the expansive windows
on this expansive young spring day
as my heart expanded in the gift
of her healing waves of pure love.

Perhaps this angel, this angel named
Bliss, perhaps she has been my guardian
angel, since time began for me.

Angels are indeed, extensions of God,
the Holy Thoughts of a Holy God,
so Bliss, my angel, was the perfect
gift, on this perfect and young
spring day.

May all who read these words
one day soon meet
in full and wondrous glory
the angel sent to guard you
since your time began, and
until your time leads you
to the perfection of heaven.

Type: Poetry

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