What is Love?

March 29, 2009

I asked the llama what I thought was a simple question.

What is love?

You see, I thought that llamas were wise and well traveled folk.
I believed they had tasted enough of the world’s grasses
From both the lowlands and the highlands
In both the warm and cooler seasons.

So, as I mentioned, I asked her...

And after but a moment's thought, she spoke...

The question you ask
asked time and again
by travelers and seekers
by lovers and loved

The question you ask
‘What is love?’
Has many simple answers
Very many
But as it turns out
The more simple the answer
The higher the degree of truth
So with your consent
I’ll start with the most simple
In the interest of time

She had surely piqued my interest
What could I have said?
But this…
"Yes, simple is good. Please proceed."

Love is connection
We are all in union
You with me, me with you
Him with her, her with him

I nodded for her to continue.

Love is power
All the particles of the earth
And all the stars of the sky
Are given movement
In the power that is love

Again, I nodded.

Love is service
Mother to child
Brother to brother
One to one
Denying self
Emphasizing another

I smiled, and she smiled, too.

Love is commitment
The Creator creates
Again and again
All that we need
Just as we need it
In love, there is always abundance
Because of love's commitment

At this, I was a little confused. She gave me a moment to let it sink in. I nodded.

Love is will
Combining power with service
We choose what will be created
By the Creator's commitment
And in this will
Our connections are strengthened
If that be our choice
In our will, this facet of love

I would realize later that she showed me another facet of love as she walked away at the conclusion of those words. She had met me where I was, had taught all I was ready to learn. She loved me in the acceptance that is also love, and hence, she allowed me space to learn the next facets at my pace.

I imagined she might have continued, had I been ready.

Love is humble acceptance...

Type: Poetry

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