Grief's Abandonment

March 27, 2009

Floating through the soundless vacuum
Of the blackest blackness of space
Twinkling hope fades
Replaced by the loss of all

He once walked in majesty
Alive in the hope of tomorrow
But all his dreams shattered
With the beating of the final drum

Floating through the mysteries
Of a hint of fresh white blossoms
The trees of his forever loss
Still find reason to be renewed

Grief persists for a time
Until he chooses to set it down
Lays the burned carcasses
In the high grasses adjacent to life’s path

As he walks away from grief’s load
Left safe in its new home
His eyes are free to gaze
At the dawning beauties of spring

Passing the trees again
He stops this time to enjoy
The fresh blossoms of new life
Places just one
Securely in his pocket

Floating through the soundless choices
In the vagaries of varying decisions
He smiles as he realizes
He left his regrets in the grasses
Secured with his abandoned grief


Type: Poetry

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