Sacred Union

February 20, 2009

Pregnant with expectation,
The lovers have only the slightest glimmer
At the greatness
Of the sacred joining that is to come.

God himself has blessed them,
And their dawning union –
Two, becoming one,
In His glowing and divine presence.

He has spoken to them;
He has made the path clear.
In His miraculous and unknown ways,
He made His will known to the lovers.

The fear she once clung to,
Set aside in God’s mighty grace;
His doubt, once strong and present,
Was stripped in harmony with his prayers.

Nothing remains that will keep them apart;
Destiny awaits these humble children.
Time and trial have led them
To this place of dawning beauty.

The lovers stand and face each other,
As God looks on with true pleasure;
The time of their holy oneness is come;
As they stand in complete merging.

Wonderfully healed in the miracle,
A life of Love awaits.
The Light of glory shines
As they walk in peaceful and joyous grace.

Type: Poetry

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