February 11, 2009

She wanted to believe
That everybody lied
She was still a prisoner
To so many old beliefs
Crafted from years of survival
She knew not the way out
A painful peril to watch

He wanted to set her free
But free she would not be
Until some mythical future
When the birds flew from a sunrise
Emblazoned with the Passion
Of a rising sun
Burning away the rising sin
That held her prisoner

She wanted to believe
That she knew the way
But the way was not her way
She enjoyed dreaming of it
But chose not to walk it
She chose the familiar pains
Of the old beliefs
That kept her wounded
For all the years of her life
And held her wounded
Still today

He watched as the distance
Failed to diminish
He watched as the days turned to seasons
The seasons to years
Forever was very far from today
And no one can wait forever

She wanted to believe
That she would one day heal
But as he watched
That day never arrived

He wanted to believe
In the beauty of destiny
But the days stretched on
Into the dim hell of forever

Type: Poetry

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