Veil of Death

February 9, 2009

She had come back changed
There was something about her eyes
The green in them was glowing
Beyond any green most had seen
A bit like two emeralds, large, hard
It felt like her eyes were heavy
Had a gravitational field all their own
Anyone who saw them was changed

To hear her telling of the story
One only had to catch her and ask
She was quite easy to catch
Spent most every day in the diner
The days she wasn’t working
She’d come in anyway and sip ice water
Some said that ice water ran through her veins

The veil of death had covered her
For more than fourteen minutes
And for most of the next few days
After her miraculous recovery
She told everyone who would listen
About the dim hallway with the light at the end

A few weeks later though
She got quiet
She seemed to get sucked
Into the gravitational field of her own eyes

She died for a time and came back to life
Then one day she died again
And she died each and every day since

Type: Poetry

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