A Happy Birthday

February 8, 2009

I dismiss the passing thought
That I would rather have left a day earlier
It’s wonderful driving with you
Over the majestic mountains
Occasional patches of snow in the distance
At the higher elevations
It’s wonderful being here with you
On my birthday
Sixty-seven years old today
I do some quick math in my head
It still works as well as ever
We’ve been married twenty-two years now
Twenty-two and a half

I take your hand
As warm and vibrant as ever
More familiar and perfect with each passing year
I take your hand
As I have so many times before
And tell you again
As I have so many times before
“I love you.”

The Rockies are stunning
The view seems clearer this year
The peaks seem steeper
Life gets better every year
That surprises me a little
Until I remember
The reason for my happiness
Sitting to my right
Holding my hand
Wondering my thoughts
Or perhaps already knowing

“Life with you”
I begin to share
“Gets better and brighter all the time.
I wonder if that will always be so.
I think so.
I hope so.”

“I know so.”
Is your reply

Your faith makes me smile
As it has so many times before
I squeeze your hand
As I have so many times before
But each time
I realize
As I have so many times before
Is better than before

“I love you.”

“I love you, too.”
A smile
So warm
I am loved
I am in love
“Happy Birthday, Baby.”

I’m lost again in the beautiful view
But, still, I hold your hand
I’m so in love with you
Now and always
Like these mountains
Some things last forever
Some things last forever

Type: Poetry

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