February 8, 2009

In one corner of our kitchen,
In our small but ample home,
The decorations and such are
Just right. There is a sculpture;
My daughter made it in art class,
When she was still in high school.
She has three children now, our
Grandchildren. On the cabinet where
We store our bowls, plates, cups for
Both coffee and tea, on that cabinet,
There is a plant. It’s not a real plant,
But it has real meaning, beyond mere
Sentiment. Hanging on the wall, the one
That intersects with the hallway – it leads
To the bathroom, to the office, to our bedroom –
On that wall, next to that outside corner, are two
Photos. I shot both of them, long before we met.
(But I’m sure we were already in love, somehow.)
Those photos are in frames that you brought from
The home you left to come to me. We took out the
Pictures together, and added those photos we chose
Together. One last thing in that corner – perhaps the
Most special thing – there is a teacup you asked me to
Leave there, as a gentle reminder of your gentleness. A
Gentle reminder that I need always treat you as a delicate
Teacup. My precious and delicate teacup, in the wonderful
Corner of our wonderful kitchen in our wonderful and precious

Type: Poetry

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