An Empty Canvas

February 8, 2009

An empty canvas
This white and blank sheet of paper calls to me
Its force is irresistible
The paper is Jupiter, I am but a moon
And all that really matters
Is the orbit of my life
Fate leads the moon to orbit
Fate leads the lover to love
Fate leads the musician to sing
And fate moves this poet
To write

An empty canvas
Limitless possibilities
The universe at my command
Her magic beckons me to lead
My pen is the simple wand
That moves the stars
Beginning with but a word

An empty canvas
Where fate and intent meet
The words spring to life
Thoughts, feelings, meanings, truth
The power of love in simple words
Filling this canvas
Flooding this heart
Changing perceptions
And perspective

An empty universe
Filled by the words of the poets
Join me
Join me

Type: Poetry

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