February 7, 2009

The rain had begun
Our hearts then stood still
Gazing with hope
At this tree covered hill

Not far behind us
The chaser still chased
We needed to move
It was time to make haste

He would not be slowed down
By the winds or the rain
Malice within him
He was fed by disdain

So, we jogged up the hill
An occasional look
Over our shoulders
Toward the one who forsook

The valley just over
The hill that we climbed
Was filled with new hope
Great glory, we’d find

The fear in our hearts
And thoughts of great dread
Slowly was lifting
From spirit and head

Reaching the crest
We slowed then our pace
Breathed at the ending
Of this most crucial race

The fear for our lives
Quickly fell away
We’d make it to safety
And see this new day

We looked to the skies
Said a shared prayer
We hoped for a miracle
And a miracle was there

Type: Poetry

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