Burn, Burn, Burn

February 1, 2009

Burn away, dear glorious God, all vestiges of fear
Destroy the hardened walls of our childish resistance
Move us to the living glory of your perfection
Increase the majestic wonder of this existence

Your glory is upon us; touch us in your fire
Fill us with your Spirit as we dance a holy dance
Arms raised, hearts open, voices given in joy
Breathe your holy words; flood us in your power

Ecstatic thoughts, feelings, words, tongues
All for and with the glory of your holy presence
Flood us in the waters, make us now anew
We praise the mighty wonders of your everlasting grace

Screams of exaltation in this, the sacred dance
Holy, holy, holy God, alive in beams of light
Take us deeper into you; burn us with your touch
We crave the healing waters, Lord; fill us with your love

Type: Poetry

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