river of life

November 20, 2005

no idea the wonders we'd see
when first we stepped from the bank
into the canoe, for you and me

tried to row, steer, find the way
fighting for control, currents grew stronger
raging rapids, fighting spirits, fearful ride

finally, it occurred to us in synchronicity
to throw the oars into the waters of white
with a droplet of mysterious trust, we set the oars free

in the blink of an eye, perception changed
in the speed of a thought, waters were calm
and we began to enjoy the ride of life

floating down the river of thoughts
river of fantastic shared dream
secrets of life drift by on the shore

calmness pervaded our souls
joy and bliss were all we knew
and so, at last, we rested, we slept

i dreamt of a river
river made by our thoughts
flows into the eternity of the ocean
far beyond the horizon, around the bend
the mind beneath the mind that sleeps
is the river that is our destiny
destiny is made by the power of be
divine thoughts in the mind of me

as i woke, i remembered
we create the river of life
ride the boat of love

Type: Poetry

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