Henry O'Doole

January 29, 2009

Mister Henry O’Doole
Was a silly old fool;
He thought he was cool,
As he sat by the pool.

He set down his tea,
Whistling wistfully,
And looked up at me,
Saying “toodalie-dee”

Said I, “toodalie-dee?
Are you talking to me?”
He just stared at his tea
With a strange look of glee.

“Mister Henry O’Doole!
Do you think me a fool?
You said toodalie-dee;
Were you talking to me?”

Henry stood to his feet;
I stepped back in retreat,
Then he put on a smile,
Saying “woodalie-while.”

Said I “woodalie-while?
You stand there and smile?
Mister Henry O’Doole,
Do you think me a fool?”

He extended his arm;
He meant me no harm;
Mister Henry O’Doole,
Was himself but a fool.

But he had a warm heart,
And he taught me again,
That a fool’s just a fool,
But a friend is a friend.

Type: Poetry

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