I just don???t know

January 29, 2009

"I just don’t know."

Those are the only words
That come into his mind
That dark night

His world was swept away
Into the dark tumult of fearful disdain
Each of them turned on him
All those he held most dear
Each, in turn, pushed him away

He searched mind and heart
Wanting so badly to know the reason
Behind a vicious assault
By a universe that just yesterday
He believed he understood

With each labored breath
The fits and weeping threatened
To overtake him
As he stood, staring blankly
At an empty room

Like a caged panther
He paced
Waiting for the moment
Released to the comfort of freedom
Damming the tears

"I just don’t know."
He repeated to an empty room
Steadied himself against a blank wall
Slid down
Melted into his despair

Type: Poetry

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