cold winter winds

January 28, 2009

cold winter winds
the ground is frozen
and so is your heart

a moment's reflection
thoughts arrive from within
and from without
and from that place that is neither
from above the clouds
the winds are given form
in the formless particles
too small to be seen

cold winter winds
from one lost for a time
she still wanders
she still disbelieves
swept away by the free moving air
swept away by a world in darkness

my love for her will never wane
even amidst her struggles
begging to be heard
while pushing me away

she is nearly grown
but she is still a child
lost in the shame she assigns
lost in the memories of good and evil
lost in the darkness of the grudge
moved only slightly by the winds

cold winter winds
freeze the tears to my cheek
as i accept
that she is my creation

cold winter winds
forever touching the deep frozen chambers
of two hearts unwilling
to beat as one

Type: Poetry

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