Manifest Flight

January 26, 2009

Whatever you might conceive
So long as you also believe
That thing may indeed come true
With only enough faith from you

But it’s not always as you foresee
I hope that you’ll take it from me
And consider the words of this song
I’ll try hard to not steer you wrong

There’s so much that life has in store
As you stop wanting more and even more
And trust that Love surely will provide
And believe in with all you’ve inside

A life of pure kindness and joy
For each man or woman, girl or boy
Relax in this moment of bliss
And feel all that was then and is

The universe at your command
Controlled by the strength of your hand
But consider for a moment the peace
That comes with a heart of release

The choices of life are now yours
I’ve shown you the heavenly doors
Decide and believe to be free
And fly now and ever with me

Type: Poetry

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