Cold, but Bright

January 22, 2009

Just outside
Four closed and cold windows
Bright with the rising sun
Warming the room

Just outside
The trees stand tall
Home to birds and squirrels
And creatures unseen

Just outside
The air is cold
The ground, frozen
But, the sun is bright
The sun still shines

Each new day
Ordinary in so many ways
Is home to possibilities
To begin remarkable journeys
Only one thought, one step, one action
Separates the potential dawning today
From the infinite hope of so many tomorrows

Just outside
It’s cold, but bright
But, this room is warm
A sanctuary

The mind can be
A comforting home
For hopeful, bright thoughts
Seeking joyous paths

Choose today
To face the cold
Embrace the bright hope
Take a new step in your journey
Of remarkable and loving hope

The future truly begins
With the next thought
With the next step
With the next faithful action

Take action today
For a glorious tomorrow

Type: Poetry

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