January 19, 2009

The heart moves with the wind,
Dancing and swaying and drifting and playing -
Seeking joy and goodness in each moment;
For the awake, this goes without saying.

But is there not, beyond the feelings,
Beyond the short bursts of sensations,
Is there not a place of true commitment -
Commitment to the way of not only heart but Soul?

Connected to the source of everlasting power,
We can float and flit along in life;
And, at times, this is, of course, quite fine -
As the word says, there is a time for every this and every that.

But that includes a time to make a stand -
To stand for the righteous commitments we have made,
In times of perfect joy in His presence,
In times where we were set free of the chains.

The commitment, at times, feels like those chains that bound,
But it is not, has never been;
Commitment is a divine choice of the sanctified,
To walk in the perfect will of a perfect God.

As we truly and utterly follow our deepest yearnings,
To be One not only in God’s presence,
But to be One in His holy Will,
We find a new place of true and real presence.

By His Grace

Type: Poetry

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