Neverending Melodies

January 14, 2009

I know your name
And even in this empty place
Neverending melodies
Flow from the hollow rooms

Your sweet perfume
Remains in the corner
Of my dusty but bright mind
And in my still beating heart

You walked away from me
But you could never walk away from us
Our love lives forever
And the hope of the heart glows on

I remember your name
And in every place I go
Neverending melodies
Accompany my still beating heart

I wait here for the day
When destiny arrives
In the bright glory
Of your beautiful smile

My tears often flow
Tears of hope, of sadness, of growing joy
In faith, I wait for you
In the presence of true love

Your name is painted on my soul
And in each and every day
Neverending melodies
Flow with our dance of love

Type: Poetry

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