Gentle Hand

January 12, 2009

His gentle hand
Reaches out to touch
The heart of His child

His pervasive kindness
Moves her to tears
As she risks a smile

He smiles back
He is unending love
All focused on her

He asks the questions
"What may I give you?"
"What gifts do you seek?"

She falls to the floor
Overwhelmed at the thought
That He truly cares for her

He asks again
"What may I give you?"
"All I have I offer to you."

She takes a moment
She takes a breath
She looks to His eyes

In that perfect moment
She is made whole
Belief springs forth
From her very soul

An instant of memory
From deep within her core
She looks in His eyes
And knows His love is sure

She considers her choices
Wealth, fame, and love
Presented now to her
From a mighty God above

She closes her eyes
Looks within her heart
She sees Him more clearly
Knows His love will never part

She looks now in love
Confidence in her smile
She's been forever changed
Love now reconciled

She tells Him her request
"Heal, Lord, all the world."
And with that
She too is forever healed

In an instant of choice
To give the greatest gift
Her heart divinely healed
The closing of the rift

She stands to her feet
Gives Him a holy kiss
Is bathed in His glory
And covered in His bliss

She takes a step back
And smiles
And God smiles back

In a glorious instant
Of true and perfect compassion
She is healed in the miracle
Of His unending Love

Praise God!

Type: Poetry

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