Secret Love

January 3, 2009

Alive in the fantasy of her touch
Remembering a moment that never occurred
Awakened to the splendor of perfection
Imagined in moments of longing

We met by the long pier
There was love in the air from the start
I watched your hair flowing in the wind
Was imprisoned by the majesty of you

This secret love affair
So secret that not even you knew
Such wonderful dawning moments
In the crevices of my secret thoughts

Three decades I have kept this dream alive
When I stop for a moment
I am astounded by
How old I have become

And yet the secret fantasy
Frail and fickle
Has kept my tired heart
Beating with hope

I often wonder what might have been
For these past thirty wonderful years
Had I taken the large, yet tiny risk
Of saying hello, asking your name

Type: Poetry

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