circles of life, flights of a raven

November 15, 2005

ravens in the deepest dark
hear the heart's soft cry
tombstone stands among the weeds
doorway to my stifled soul's breath

circles, ripples, birds overhead
remind us of a heart once dead
brought to life by soul's perfect mate
opened doorway, now slammed shut

fear fills the deep abyss
dark night, heart longs to flee
gazing at the mystery of the stone
circling forever in seven heartbeats

heart will never heal again
unless rock's words are true
only the raven knows for sure
floating high above the noise

let the heart rest today
let the rock teach tomorrow
walk, run, cry, die
stand, live, love, fly

and the ravens look on
as they circle
and we circle
as life circles
on and on

Type: Poetry

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