Faded Black Hope

December 20, 2012 7:46 pm EST

From under the faded black door
Springs a faint light, a twinkling
Hope, I dare wonder
Could it be?

Purified in gross inequities
Dancing a slow dance with terrors
unbidden, unforgotten
Fright, my closest friend

The replays tempt persuasion
On an off-white wall of gloom
Forbidden but unforsaken
Those fiends, my only friends

To the door I turn with caution
Hesitant, unsure
A tale of an unwed maiden
Tapping upon the door

And yes, the light still trickles
From the threshold to places unseen
And then I see the movement
First within, the crack softly builds

A long blink
A quickening of sorrow
A whispered dare
The door opens
And all at once
The light
Fills, floods, brave and demure
And life

Type: Poetry

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