Sensuous Arrival

August 2, 2011 2:59 pm EDT

Thrilled by the sight
Of your captivating dance
Moved by the feel
Of your soft surrender
Awakened in the call
Of your beating heart
Lit by the flame
Of passion's new beckoning

You, my goddess, my strength
Fill me
Assure me
Move me

Floating together
On reproaching tides
Encroaching madness
The warm, clear waters
Cleanse, flood, transport
Two willing souls
To the dawn of forever

Sweet destined lover
Bathe me in your grace
Join me in that place
Where dreams eternally rise
Where passions won't subside
Where life meets you meets me
Where love never dwindles
Where love never dies

Moments of sensuous longing
In your glowing touch
In the dawning
Of us

Type: Poetry

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