Divine Passion

November 7, 2005

you dipped your finger in the nectar
i watched you taste the sweetness
waves of heat radiated from your heart
i felt the warmth on my exposed skin

i dipped my finger in your nectar
i felt your heartbeat quicken
as we shared the sweetness
with the tips of our tongues

our eyes met for a moment
forever lost in the compelling gaze
for an instant, i was paralyzed
enslaved by the power of our passion

anticipation began to build
dreams of the bliss to come
breath caught in fear for a thought
as i swallowed the nectar, so sweet

in my mind's eye, i saw your smile
i returned to the power of your gaze
felt the calm purity of the love we share
you asked with your eyes for a kiss

i took your hand in mine
we looked to the heavens as we prayed
the holy ecstasy that we would share
blessed by the heavens above

as i write these words to you, my rose
i imagine the thoughts that we share
in time, we'll share the passion we feel
perfect union; love, fire, and light

Type: Poetry

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