Chocolate Dreams

July 18, 2011 1:14 pm EDT

Slow-moving streams
Light's fulfilling thought
Nothing's as it seems
In chocolate-flowing dreams

Rich, vibrant, savory
Dark, warm, alive
Open to the place
Where only love survives

Brave a taste of life
Leap into the nook
Let blandness disappear
Where glory's not forsook

Be present in your place
Devour the waiting feast
Let passion rule your mind
Unleash the haunting beast

No longer can you wait
Dessert invites your fate
Nothing's as it seems
In chocolate-flowing dreams

What is life devoid of flavor?
Who can exist on water, air, bread, alone?
The dark elixir beckons.
The darkest truths await.

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum
Wonka's tumble in the sun
Your just desserts don't have to wait
Hurry, finish what's on your plate...

The mind awakens in the taste
The fire burns the ready soul
Clear the thoughts and please the tongue
Travel to the place that's whole

Dancing, writhing, moaning, full
Savor passion's waiting thrust
Taste the tastes that fill your mouth
Deserving to the pure and just

Dismiss the thought that life's been lived
That all that can be tasted has
Open heart, mind, mouth, and soul
And redefine belief of whole

Feel beyond what's yet been felt
Taste the darkness, feel the heat
Ecstasy still lies beyond
The thought that life is known and neat

Unleash the you that's waiting still
Close your eyes

Slow-moving streams
Life's fulfilling thought
Nothing's as it seems
In chocolate-flowing dreams

Type: Poetry

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