Humanity's Creation

March 3, 2011 10:11 am EST

Travails fuel the fire
Passions cool the soul
Sensations fill the moment
Humanity's flowing role

To live in the puzzles of time
Pieces scattered on a hardwood floor
Existing in pains and wonder
Searching for the stained-glass door

Images flow from agreements
Thoughts from agreements made one
Society's actualized truths
Humanity won't be undone

The comfort of newfallen snow
The chilling white sleepers within
Calmed in the colors of silence
Escaping humanity's din

The ease of inventing existence
Humanity's thoughts fuel the ire
Destroying the void of the heavens
Through joys, panes, tomorrows, and fire

Collectively walking the walk
From darkness to darkness fulfilled
The snowy white drifts of this life
Humanity's walk toward the nil

Type: Poetry

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