Laughing Frogs

February 13, 2011 2:19 pm EST

How do we heal the heart of a friend?
How do we steal the smile of Zen?
The frogs in the starlit night hold the clue,
As they jump for joy and laugh, seeing you.

Can our mortal minds hold the key to the trance?
Can we feel jubilee and experience the dance?
These and other questions our soul longs to ask,
As the frogs in the moonlit bog gently bask

The infinite power of the ages is here
Written in the sky, just above, ever clear
We need only look and remember and steer
The lessons we learned by our hearts, my dear.

As we open the next door hidden in the dew
The fog that obscures dissipates and we view
The gates of the heavenly castle so near
We'll proclaim to the masses, pray they give ear.

As the echoes of the laughs of three frogs fades from view
We'll rest for a time before journeying anew.
My solace and comfort will not be allayed
As the memories of sweetness with you never fade.

Type: Poetry

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