Fever's Catalyst

March 20, 2011 7:37 pm EDT

On first contact
Your gaze
Stilled me

My once clear mind
Into the flames
Of fever's catalyst
Your striking presence
Unquenchable strength
Unmitigated dangers
In the moment
Of you

You are etched in my soul
Your hidden passions burn
My fantastic imaginings
Our fears abandoned
Our flames dancing
Burning respects' need
As deconstructed walls
Our true selves

Sweet moments of intimacy
Foreshadowing two hearts
Swords, shields, armor
Melting away
Found in the moments
Of humbled truths

Fever's catalyst
Impassioned reactions
Instinctual longings
Merging in flames' colors
Red, yellow, orange, blue
Striking white
Explosive desires
Met and exchanged
In a moment shared
In a moment
Of chosen

Temptations abandoned
Tempestuous dawning
Touching your soul
Writhing in wonder
Granted the pleasure
Of you

Fever's catalyst
Combining two souls
Pleasure's sweet rising
Exploding in a moment
A wish, a desire, a glance
A look, a fantasy, a chance
Universes blooming
Ecstasies found
Fires, lit, quenched, lit
Unmitigated burning
Surrendered, in perfection
With you

Type: Poetry

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