Rejection's Choice

January 24, 2011 8:10 am EST

You left, yet I remain
Dazzling white lights hinting at beyond
Dark shadows of eternal longing
A teaspoon of everything, of nil
Soul wracking collisions of karma and chi
Waves still crash on wearing rocks
Tenacity wanders in sweet silence
Begging the unmet hopes to last

You left, yet I remain
Lines of seven unsung songs
Melodious refrains, tapestries unwoven
The feast before us remains prepared
Flavors, sweet, sour, swift, tart, crisp
Mixing, melding with fallen tides
Ebbing in tremulous defects
Victorious nothings in envied retreat

You left, yet I remain
Fate's burnt embers, hope's final blow
Fanning the flames of unlit fires
Zealous intersection of unmet desires
Ignorant wandering thoughts set free
Imprisoned in hopes of what may still be
Vapid reflections of truth allude
Vacant eyes stare each new day
Into mirrors with no substance, all form gone astray

You've gone, yet still, I remain
Unable to see that which prompted
This intermission, stretching ever onward
Rejection's players on a stage undetermined
Fate locked in your choice, set aloft
Freezing rains, sodden truths, recalling nothing
Frozen plans, dashed hopes, taunting memories
A heart stilled, imprisoned
Life divergent
From dreams we shared

And this, sadly, is as it must be

Type: Poetry

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