November 28, 2010 10:16 am EST

Surrender to the place
Where only love is found
There you'll hear the angels
Singing a heavenly sound

Accept the life that's yours
And share it with the world
See the gifts that breathe
New life in them unfurled

Ask for God's bright blessings 
Receive them in your soul
Believe in Love's great miracle
And be at once made whole

Peace will shine upon you
The Light that's always on
Shining through the darkness
As night gives way to dawn

Dive into infinity
Feel the love of all
One in heaven's wonder
Answer now the call

Perfection is upon us
Seen with open eyes
Humble, pure, and true
From darkness now we rise

Surrender now to love
Let love be all you see
Following hope and peace
God's true mystery

Type: Poetry

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