a shared dream

December 7, 2010 12:17 pm EST

where my dreams meet yours
is the truth of our reconciliation
one grand plurality
spectacles showing our vastness
our majestic awareness
in reality
one shared reality
from billions of connected stars
billions of connected souls
wandering, resting, dancing, building, gathering
in reality

what is reality?
that which we dream?
or that which we both perceive?
the intersection of your soul with mine
the melding of two humans divine

to set down my needs
i learn the meaning of love
compassionately yielding
my perception, my truth, my desires
for yours

and to act in cooperation
a merging of intents
to drop on the path we walk together
all that i dream
all that you desire
all that we intend
this magnificent path
the path that is our reality

our path of compassion
discarding our individual dreams
laying away our beliefs
opens to others
becomes their invocation, their invitation

where my dreams are set aside
and your dreams are laid down
there we find a higher merging
one and one and another
new majesties explored
new universes dawning

new realities forged
in peace and love
perfection redefined
in a growing and learning God
the God of Union
one and one
and another

Type: Poetry

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