Seeking Pain ... Dancing in the Rain

November 5, 2005

Indigo sky haunts the mood.
Lackluster desires fill me.
Tacit understanding eludes;
Fulfilled by the eye of mind.

Depth of field cannot flood
Shallow beliefs of this realm.
The eye of the spirit within
Pathways for knowledge of none.

Clarity and simplicity underrated;
Intense focused want for more.
Less is the way to the light.
Empty your mind to be filled.

Circle of desires;
Leading, following, filled.
Ripples of holy libido;
Pulsing, beating, intersecting.

Seek peace, find love.
Seek love, find connections.
Seek connections, find pain.
Seek pain, find floods of rain.

Images in my mind's eye;
Beauty of divine curves;
Wholeness of desire fills;
Dance in the drenching rain.

Type: Poetry

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