The Fog

April 10, 2004

Wondrous wonderment,
Devout confusion,
The spiritual battleground of my mind;

I seek the peace,
I see the light,
Whilst stumbling through the foggy night;

Forever lost,
And then I was found,
The journey continues through a life in chains;

Desiring to be free,
Oh Spirit, rain on me,
Release these shackles that burden my hardened heart;

Amidst chaos, misery,
Love, peace and joy,
This track is fraught with peril, bitter tears, and unmet fears;

The pain, I welcome,
The fear, I withstand,
For a chance to see Your Face, smiling, pleased, accepting of me;

The enemy waits,
Just around the next bend,
But, the train of salvation will carry me... through a life without end...

Type: Poetry

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