a new journey

February 8, 2011 11:03 am EST

a journey of darkness
summoning the din
clinging to memories
bubbling within

the secrets of light
set down in the dream
blood flowing cold
ripping each seam

a time of great terror
the heart beats no more
a life once held high
it fell to the floor

yet, time marches on
the watch ever moves
great stones in the stream
forever, they're smoothed

off in the distance
the turnstile of light
grows larger each step
an expansion of sight

as the entrance draws closer
a ticket, he finds
in a deep newfound place
as the journey unwinds

peace overtakes him
in simplicity, divine
as perfection returns
to a heart now resigned

the scales are no longer
that impeded his sight
as he left the old journey
and entered the light

Type: Poetry

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