A Dawning of Peace

July 2, 2010

From the depths of our longing souls
We cling to the sometimes dim hope
Of the gift of the Love
That heals

Peace for all the world
Beginning with a giving heart
Giving to another in openness
Stands waiting
For just one
To give to just
One other

It all starts in an instant
With the grace of surrender
Releasing fears, lack, dim illusory seekings
In just an instant
A gift
Given another

All one in holy hope
Infinite string of dominoes
Waiting for just a little nudge
A little gift
Of kindness

We (too often) wait
For the visions and feelings
Of love
To see and feel and give

One gives to another
Another to yet one more
The chain reagent
One outrageous soul
Giving, without need
And peace

Type: Poetry

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