The Nature of Feelings

December 29, 2008

The heart is a muscle
It is merely a pump
Moving blood from here to there
It is not the home of feelings

Feelings are thoughts
Deeper, more instinctual
Important for our survival
Nudges us from bad to good

Feelings, then, exist in the mind
Helping us to know danger through fright
Guiding us to exist in safety

As nerve endings keep us physically well
Emotions are thought endings
Guarding our mental well being

When I act, speak, and think
In accordance with the will
Of God and higher self
My instinctual, lower, base self
Feels good emotions, peace, love
bliss, safety, contentment, and such

When I act, speak, or think
Out of harmony
With these higher wills
I feel bad feelings
Fear, hate, anger, loss, lack

I must learn to put
My rational and spiritual thoughts
Above my feeling thoughts (emotions)

Type: Poetry

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