pulses of life, dream of the dance

November 3, 2005

approaching the light of newness
hands extended, hearts open
fresh freedoms awaiting us
knowing hearts, born anew

the anticipation of the meeting
the quickening of the dream
colors of life dance upon the mind's sky
sands of time cease the eternal ebb, begin to flow

reading thoughts, racing across dreams
mirrored in the heart of one another
colors reverberate, shades of promise
hues of the dance, burgeoning romance

loving thoughts caress
warmth of a breath
tender whisper of wind against the skin
held in the moments before we dance

echoes of the instant, anticipating your touch
hearts reverberating, beckoning waves attract
inward, outward; color, light; ebb, flow
sweet rhythm of the dance of two souls

(composed in collaboration with Laurie)

Type: Poetry

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