December 7, 2008

Mike was today, as every day, inquisitive.
His early teachers called him gifted and brilliant;
His schoolmates called him odd and unwelcome.

Over time, he learned
To exist in the serenity
Of the walls he built
Around his hardened heart.

Jackie was today, as every day, confused.
Her early teachers called her dull and uninspired;
Her schoolmates called her dazed and lost.

Over time, she learned
To exist in the safety
Of the walls she built
Around her hardened heart.

Mike and Jackie
Ran into each other,
In the corner of the coffee shop.

They were never friends,
Though from the same schools -
Elementary, middle, and high.

They only exchanged nods
At their ten year reunion.

Today, though,
Inquisitive met confused.
Mike met Jackie.
Serenity met safety.

The walls crumbled,
As love covered the floor;
Along with two hot coffees,
Two warming hearts.

Type: Poetry

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