the one i seek

October 28, 2005

she fearlessly walks
through flames of fear
while being unafraid
to shed another tear

in mystery, she thrives
seeking answers as one
lets the shadows be lit
by the light of the sun

she looks in the mirror
and admires the art
while giving the praise
to one who gave the start

she sees herself as equal
to all in the world
neither less, nor more
all created as one

her compassionate heart
is given when sought
she'd never walk by another
hungry, cold, or distraught

she's in tune to her body
in touch with her soul
connected to nothingness
alive in the whole

drawn to the passion
of the sutra of love
holy ecstasy of two
divinity from above

her mind is clear
thoughts unimpaired
tools of mind sharpened
by texts old and new

her commitment is lasting
vows made for good
we'll walk on forever
carry water, chop wood

oh ... and one more thing .... she likes to giggle ;)

Type: Poetry

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