Nothing Can Go Wrong

November 10, 2008

I can’t remember ever feeling so utterly happy as I do today. I passed a lark on the way to work, skipping, (the lark, not me), and the lark seemed to just emanate waves of amazing light. Rainbows shot from both of its feet; its song kept tune to the whistling of the wind through the trees; he stopped suddenly and looked up at me. He began to speak, leaving me even more taken aback. So, anyway, here is what he had to say to me.

When the moments overlap with the morning dew
And the dance overtakes not just me, but also you
When the instants of beauty are too much to behold
Then comes the time to forget to grow old

When the sweetness of sorrows falls to the ground
When what forever you lost, this moment is found
When the scarlet grasshopper stops to sing you a song
Well, then is the day when nothing can go wrong

This moment, this very moment is a time of change
Grab it and hold it before it again drains
Be the dance, be the song, be the grasshopper red
Let go of the sadness, the sorrows, the dread

When the moment of salvation draws near
When the time for arrival is here
When the loss of the past is forever gone
Kick up your heels, and sing this bright song

And as suddenly as the wise lark appeared, I sneezed and I blinked, as I feared. The lark of my joyful young heart, reminded me it’s a great time to start. And then, as I opened my eyes after that sneeze, he was gone.

Type: Poetry

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